Anglo Scandinavian duo May Monday sees the mercurial, mesmerising, accordionist Karen Tweed and the sublimely subtle pianist Timo Alakotila weaving intricate, yet haunting melodies into vivacious, colourful tapestries of sound. Their playing appears to be so in harmony with one another that they sound almost musically conjoined. What makes this duo so special is the ability to marry together their differing musical roots and styles exquisitely.

May Monday (Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila)

Eclectic musical eloquence from innovative inspirational duet… Karen Tweed (UK) & Timo Alakotila (Finland)

“…a sensual feast of Irish, Nordic, British, and original music arranged and performed with exquisite taste and detail.” Irish Echo


May Monday received phenomenal praise and accolades for the artistic grace and beauty of the debut CD May Monday including Album of the Year by BBC Radio 3 presenter, Fiona Talkington. Part folk, part jazz, part classical inspired, critics hailed it for its unique ability to break down musical barriers.

The follow-up album, Midnight May Monday brought Tweed and Alakotila’s own compositional work to the fore, while embracing melodies by other respected composers, plus their much loved traditional repertoire.

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